Recycle Bins: Types, Colors and How it Helps the Environment

Meaning of Recycling Bin

              Recycling bins are receptacles or medium-sized drums that are normally used to keep different materials that have been considered recyclable. These receptacles serve as temporary containers for items that we want to recycle. After a while, the recycling company comes to empty the container to recycle. Basically, recycle Bins are large containers that you must have seen outside your home, in parks or streets, and are used to store recyclable material. In a recycling bin, you can put different things. You can put paper, metal scraps, plastic magazines, used electronics, and many other things.

4 Ways Recycling Bins Help The Environment

1. Conservation of Resources
2. Saving energy
3. Protection of The Environment
4. Reducing Landfills Content

Types of Recycling Bins, Colours And Types of Items You Can Put In Each Recycling Bin

1. Blue Bin

You would have come across the blue recycling bin. The colour of this recycling bin means something. For the blue recycling bin, you can put paper and paper materials in them. The blue colour signifies the act of saving the trees and ecosystem, particularly the wildlife.
2. Green Bin
The green recycling bins are for collecting organic materials. Collecting organic materials is very important to the environment. Though if you toss them away, they will decompose after a while, they can still be used for other things. You can put foods, flowers, coffee grounds, veggies, fruits, prunings, and food leftovers in your green recycling bin.
3. Red Bin
The red recycling bin is for collecting materials with a thin plastic coating in them. They are mostly used to gather landfill wastes. For the red recycling bin, you can put plastic bags, polystyrene, sticky tape, cling wrap, glazed wrappers, etc.
4. Yellow Bin
The yellow recycling bin is a more encompassing bin you can have in the environment. It is a mixed recycling bin, and it contains different kinds of things. You can put glass bottles, cardboard, newspaper, plastic, aluminium cans, juice and milk cartons, office papers, and coffee cups with lids (Disposable ones).
5. White Bin
The white recycling bin is for collecting soft plastics. We mean materials that are coated with plastics or made with a thin lining of plastics by soft plastics. For the white recycling bins, you can put plastic bags, biscuit packets, bubble wraps, cling wraps, frozen foods, confectionary bags, etc.

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